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Doraemon Story of Seasons Switch Preview

Doraemon Story of Seasons

Just a quickie. That’s what he/she/miscellaneous said. Doraemon Story of Seasons is a demo I recently played on my Switch, and I have to say that it was very, very pleasant.

Whether it’s another to motivate me to purchase is debatable. Still, either way, I felt in a good mood having experienced it.

Here’s a quick summary of Doraemon in case you don’t know anything about him.

He’s a robotic cat from the future, and for some reason or another, he’s attached himself to a bumbling idiot called Nobita, or Nobi. I think that his name is slightly different in the western translation – most likely to cater to the British slang of ‘nob’. Always worth a chuckle.

Anyway, Doraemon has an endless pouch where he can pull out all sorts of goodies that would make Inspector Gadget fall to his knees. It’s a long-running manga and anime, which I’m not too fussed about, but I do recommend the film Stand By Me Doraemon.

Doraemon Story of Seasons - Powder
Do they do this for thinning scalps?

As for the game, it’s a Stardew Valley clone.

That’s not entirely fair as it stands out on its own paws, but it’s more or less the same thing of tending to a garden growing all sorts of goodies to nurture.

Of course, there are lots of unique power-ups that Doraemon adds to the pot that adds to the charm, plus lots of the original characters from the series.

The selling point really is the brand, but also the gorgeous watercolour themed locations.

There’s something very heart-warming about the game, but not enough to charm my pants off. They’re welded on.

Why don’t I want to stick with this then if it looks so good and has a nice feel to it? It’s very demanding.

It’s a case of clearing your work area by chopping down trees, smashing up rocks, then getting together with a hoe and preparing to plant some seeds. Next up, water them and wait for a day to do it again. And again.

Then harvest them to flog.

I’m all for it, but when I have the time, and that’s pretty much the reason why I never stuck with Stardew Valley. Great game, but very time-consuming.

Who knows, I may end up buying this on the fly, but for now, Doraemon Story of Seasons, from Marvelous Games is out now on the Nintendo Switch.

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