Doors Of Insanity Is The Crazy Corridor To Card Slinging PVP

A card slinging PVP title heading to Early Access, Doors of Insanity is also coming to the Switch and next-gen at some point.

Doors of Insanity is a brutal romp of card slinging action, coming to Early Access this year, the Switch and next-gen at some point.

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‘Brutal romp’ isn’t my idea of fun, as I’d rather partake in a bottle of whisky and a packet of Hobnobs, but I’m still down.

Fortunately, there’s room for more than one in this card deck game of RPG indie action where you can build and customise your own character.

Doors of Insanity - Yubaba
Isn’t that…Yubaba? Source: Steam

Death is inevitable in Doors of Insanity, as you’ll later see in the trailer below, but one of the two stand out points is you get to keep the cards you’ve accumulated for your next run.

The second bonus, in my beautiful glittery eyes, is this exclusion of any defensive cards. 

While in real-life and most strategy games, I employ a cautious technique by ensuring I can take a hit, I also like using brute force (I opt for the tank in most games to mirror my intellect), so not having to worry about defensive skills is wicked.

Oneshark and Another Indie have united using their own deck of cards and pushing Doors of Insanity through to Early Access.

Here are some of the upcoming features:

  • Permanent card deck builder. After each death you get to keep one card for the next run
  • Collect and use over 70 cards
  • Summon 7 allies including Shield Beaters, Wizards, and Demonic Bugs!
  • Wield a variety of magic weapons including powerful Sword Of The Three Saints and the less-powerful Dad’s Hammer
  • Engage in over 30 encounters behind the doors of madness
  • Travel through 4 major areas that hold more than 40 doors of unknown!

I’m more interested in solo campaigns, but for those of you with friends, or who’re social enough to befriend others online (stranger danger, kids), there’s a dedicated PVP mode.

In this exclusive feature, there’s a limited amount of money and time each arena, so hopefully, this should give a reasonable degree of balancing.

Here’s a trailer that doesn’t take itself too seriously:

Doors of Insanity is coming to Early Access this year, as well as a Switch version and next-gen platforms in the future.

For now, bookmark the Steam page and watch with bated breath for the release of this game that has… a few cards up its sleeve. Hahahahaha!