It’s The End Of The World! Time To Find A Date In Doomsday Paradise

It's the end of the world! Time to grab a date and cosy up in this RPG rogue-like multiplayer, the Doomsday Paradise release date!

Dating simulators aren’t typically the top of my list, what with me being such a stud and all (ha!), but the newly released Doomsday Paradise caught my eye for several reasons, so here they are.

First, the line ‘Will you save the world – or grab a drink at the bar and watch it all burn instead!’ was hilarious. People always say, “If that were me, I’d…” and then give this bravado of what they’d do in a situation. The thing is, we don’t know what we’d do until it happens. I tend to sweat the small stuff and am not too phased about big things, so I reckon I’d also be at the bar.

Next, the art. Visual novels indicate that there’s something nice to look at, and while Doomsday Paradise is a multiplayer RPG rogue-like, it would be a fair assumption that a lot of love has gone into the illustrations. What else? The developer’s name: Lemonade FlashbangLove it. But let’s not kid ourselves, being marketed as ‘TikTok’s horniest dating sim’ caught my eye.

Here’s the release trailer:

Doomsday Paradise is available now on Steam for $14.99/ £12.79/ €14,79.