Donut County Switch Review

Donut County: Do-nut use the title as a play on words, it will swallow you hole. Time for donuts!

Donut County, or should it be Doughnut County is an interesting puzzle game by Ben Esposito. This is likely to be the only game where you play a hole that swallows everything in its path.

It is a game within a game. You control a hole via an app played bt a racoon named BK. BK plays the game to unlock a quadcopter. All so simple so far. And it continues because Donut County is a simple and over-too-quick game.

Similar to The Gardens Between, Donut County can be finished in one sitting. Some may say that it lacks a challenge as over too quick but there are a few moments that are confusing. Especially when you have to swallow one element to trigger a chain of events to move forward. Sometimes it isn’t so obvious but still relatively easy to complete.

Donut County - BK's office
One of the few offices that doesn’t feature a motivational cat poster

Donut County: everyone is welcome!

BK controls the hole which begins relatively small. As it swallows up items, it gets bigger and bigger until it’s possible to devour larger items such as rocks, cars – even barns. In each stage the goal is to suck one of the characters into said depths – a pile of trash swallowed up where the characters in the game have set up camp.

The story is told via flashback but I skipped over these as I didn’t connect with the characters. It’s still a decent standalone game without the story – much like The Bridge. For me, the dialogue was off and I could care less about the characters. However, the actual game? Now that is something I endorse. I’m an expert as I’ve eaten 3 doughnuts in the last 2 years.

If you’re unfamiliar with these delicacies, here are 5 popular donut/doughnut flavours:

  1. Beef
  2. Lamb
  3. Vinegar
  4. Salmon
  5. Cheese
Donut County - The donut shop screen
Just in case you weren’t able to identify it

Filling A Hole

It’s hard to push a game that is over so quickly. Does it have more playability after? Sure, but there are no extra modes or any goodies to unlock. From my understanding, this was almost a solo project by a very talented developer and for that, it ticks every box – pretty magnificent on that basis.

The visuals are, erm.. cute, and works well with the overall production. Again, I’m not fussed about the characters but Donut County is very therapeutic. No health to collect, no conventional levelling up and only one, oh so slightly out of place boss fight, the (w)hole thing is actually very refreshing.

Donut County is charming and very inoffensive and will appeal to most – even if only for a few hours. If they don’t like it, put them in the hole and let the racoons sort them out. But give them a donut/doughnut first to sweeten them up.