House Party Still Going, But With The Doja Cat Expansion Pack…

House Party adds another person to the roster, this time a famous one in Doja Cat Expansion Pack. Out now on Steam.

The House Party is still going into the early hours; this time, it’s the Doja Cat Expansion Pack. No, that’s not a typo because I meant to write ‘Dojo’ – the pop star does features in DLC for the base game. N.B. She doesn’t get her kit off, as noted by gamers on Steam

If you’ve been loitering in the kitchen, bathroom or garage, you are probably already aware that Doja Cat got introduced into the game at the end of last month. For everyone else, you’ll find that you have a mission to get her into the party, uncover Dinolicious’ identity, and experience new dialogue and endings.

Key features in House Party – Doja Cat Expansion Pack include:

  • Hours of new content; new House Party adventures await you including a brand new storyline featuring Doja Cat.
  • Multiple endings and side quests featuring Doja Cat.
  • Two new stunning “Amala” and “Doja Cat” NPC models added to the base House Party game.
  • Hear Doja Cat’s music in-game while playing through her storyline!
  • All new scenes and stories with hundreds of lines of new dialogues voice acted by Doja Cat herself!
  • Doja Cat’s story has been integrated into the Original Story, so you will get to see her interact with your favorite House Party characters!
  • Brand new content for all other NPCs in the House Party game as they relate to Doja Cat’s story.

And to prove she’s in it…

Eek! Games announced on Steam that they’ve taken on board feedback about some of the explicit content (or lack of) in this recent DLC but working on something new for the fans. Not everyone’s in it for the wobbly bits, as you can hang out with the awesome Game Grumps in one of the packs too.

Check out the new content on its respective Steam page.