Forget Scooby Snacks, Get Yourself Dog Donuts

Like dogs? Have a sweet tooth? Get yourself your own donut machine and solve some puzzles in the upcoming Dog Donuts.

Dog Donuts may sound like a euphemism, but it’s actually a physics-based puzzler where you control a machine that shoots donuts (without the ‘gh’). Oh, and there’s a dog in it.

Said dog is an ‘adorable husky’, according to Robotizar Games and QUByte Interactive, where you’ll have to come up with innovative ways to feed ze dog. There’ll be shovels, drones, springboards – oh, and a husky.

Key features in Dog Donuts include:

  • Designed for lovers of physic-based puzzles;
  • 40 handcrafted stages to be solved;
  • Original soundtrack, designed to keep you immersed and focused on the game;
  • Lots of love and thought in every detail of the game;
  • Easy to learn, simple and intuitive controls

Check out the trailer below:

Dog Donuts is out on the Nintendo Switch, PS4/5 and Xboxeseses from the 12th of May.

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