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Do Not Open Panic Room Title Coming To PSVR

A new PSVR title is on the way, and it looks pretty scary: Do Not Open is coming soon with panic room-like puzzles.

Do Not Open
Source: Quasar Interactive

I don’t feel any less of a person for admitting that the trailer for Do Not Open scares the crap out of me. 

Much like the trailer for Asylum, that I covered on Steamin’ Windows, it got me rattled – and that’s a good thing, what with it being a horror game and all.

Quite an interesting approach to the survival horror genre, you play Michael J. Goreng in Do Not Open – a well-known zoologist and epidemiologist (a what?!) who is trapped in his own home, trying to save his wife and daughter.

Do Not Open - Doll
Not creepy at all. Source: Quasar Interactive

The unique approach in Do No Open is the panic room style of puzzles – the activity that’s grown in popularity in recent years, adding to the intensity and urgency to save your family from a mysterious, paranormal threat.

I don’t doubt for one second that both Sony Interactive Entertainment Spain and Quasar Dynamics will do a fantastic job – in some ways, it reminds me of the infamous P.T. demo, only in VR


Key features in Do Not Open include:

  • Experience an interactive escape room. Solve riddles and puzzles to escape from this nightmare and unravel its secrets.
  • Beware of an evil presence lurking in the shadows. Think fast and don’t take too long solving the puzzles and choose wisely. A dark entity is watching you…
  • Play a different game every time. There are no savepoints. The rooms of the house will change every time you play depicting Alan’s disturbed mind.

If you’re into jump scares and elements of claustrophobia, to some extent, watch the teaser trailer below:

A release date is yet to be confirmed for Do Not Open, but when it’s known, I’m sure I’ll share it. You can play it on my behalf, while I cringe behind my fluffy pillows (not a euphemism).

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