Beat World Records And Use Meteors To Your Advantage In Disaster Golf

A mini golf game with a difference: navigate and use disasters to get the fastest time possible in upcoming Disaster Golf on Steam.

We’ve had our fair share of golf ‘interpretations’ in video gaming, and while speedrunning isn’t new, Disaster Golf from Hippo Havoc and VoxPop Games is a mini-golf experience where players navigate disasters.

Alright, this isn’t the title of the game you played with your future father-in-law or boss, but natural disasters. Also, the term golf might be a bit loose as there’s no stroke measurement, rather your time and online leaderboard ranking.

Disaster Golf isn’t just avoiding these disasters but using them to your advantage. Use a meteor to blast the ball forward or carry it with the wind – there are many options. Other key features include:

  • Fast-paced golf! – No need to wait for your ball to stop moving – hit it again as soon as you can. Disaster Golf is all about speed and getting the ball into the hole as fast as possible using any means available. Combine your natural disasters to get the fastest time! 
  • Leaderboards and replays! – See how your times stack up on each level using our leaderboards! Want to improve your time? Activate the ghost ball to see exactly how they got that speedy world record time or compare against the world record or your personal best time in race mode!
  • Multiple level themes! – Golf across biomes! Use meteors in the sand of a beach, suck the ball into a jungle singularity, or shoot it into the sky on a geyser of lava. Explore the beautiful worlds of Disaster Golf!
  • Challenge mode! – Tired of choosing your own disasters? Let us do that for you. Replay any level in its challenge mode using carefully selected, preset disasters to bring about a unique way of playing. Each challenge mode variant of a level has its own leaderboard – can you devise the best strategy with the disasters you’re given and take the top spot?
  • Hippos! – Hippos here, hippos there, hippos everywhere! Looking to follow Fred’s noble quest to overthrow the evil hippo god? Just here for golf? We’ve got you covered either way.

Disaster Golf will be released on the 16th of January 2024, with a playable demo available prior to the launch.