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Dirty Land Who’d Have Thought Sales Was This Cutthroat?

Dirty Land is a sales game with a slight twist on the normal day-to-day of leads and closing. Currently in a Kickstarter campaign for PC, Mac and Linux.

Ack! Sales – an industry I’m overly familiar with. Why on Earth would I want to emulate a forgettable history and play this? Because it looks interesting and it’s inspired by the sales films of the 80s and 90s.

Dirty Land follows the path of Frank Marsh – a newly hired salesman for Pure Sky Properties, where you have to strike a balance between profit and survival.

Dirty Land - Animate
Eww – a gif! Source: Kickstarter

At the start of the day, you’re given some leads that you need to close on, and you’ll be studying buying habits and manipulating them with classic sales psychology. This is sounding more like a horror title!

Whatever your motivations and stance on money, it needs to be respected as you’re never too sure what shady characters are going to enter the doors of the strip mall where your new office is based. 

On the Kickstarter page, it’s insinuated that there are backstabbers in place and ‘anything can and will happen’. Scroll further down, and you’ll see the crime scene of the murder. 

And this murder won’t be the only one…

Here’s a video clip of Dirty Land:

Dirty Land is planned for PC, Mac and Linux to get onto consoles at a later date, depending on the success of the campaign. Go invest/bookmark the page for further developments.

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