DIRT 5 coming in October
Source: PR

DIRT 5, the next racing instalment from Codemasters is out in October, with a focus on the career mode, and available for the current generation, with the next-gen to follow. 

Codemasters, who brought us the classic Treasure Island Dizzy, unleash the next in the rally series – with the title launching on the current and next-generation consoles, and via Steam.

Featuring over 130 events over nine different racing types, as well as the biggest names in gaming and motorsport – including the voice talents of Troy Baker and Nolan North, it promises to be a big game.

DIRT 5 - Lightning
Lightning quick. Source: PR

The career is divided into five chapters, with a variety of paths you can take, choosing the events as you go along. Additionally, there are the Throwdown challenges in the game where you face the ultimate one-on-one challenges.

DIRT 5’s Career underpins the entire experience and delivers a deeply immersive playground with player choice very much at the heart of it.

Robert Karp, DIRT 5 Development Director at Codemasters

Check out the announcement trailer below:

DIRT 5 is out on the 9th of October 2020 for the current generation consoles and PC, with the next-gen to be announced in due course.

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