Die By The Blade Hits Kickstarter Funding Target

Die By The Blade has met the Kickstarter funding is set out to achieve and now working on the stretch goals.

You just know that Die By The Blade is going to be a corker. It’s not just me who thinks it – the Kickstarter campaign has already hit the original target. It confirms that we need a Bushido Blade successor.

From Triple Hill InteractiveToko Midori Games and publisher Grindstone, this one-hit-kill sword fighting game has met the funding target, and will now activate the campaign stretch goals. There are plenty of top rewards still available.

With this funding, the team will be further adding to the gameplay experience with higher quality animation, expanded character roster and even more weapons.

Peter Nagy, founder and CEO of publisher Grindstone. 
Die By The Sword - One
There can be only one. Source: Steam

One of the new updates refers to a ranged weapon for each player which can be blocked by the sword, but ‘timing will be crucial’ in this one versus one fighter.

Die By The Blade has been inspired by the classic Bushido Blade, but also Way of the Samurai with a focus on one-hit-kills meaning this is a game of absolute precision that can be finished in one move.

Here’s the latest Die By The Blade gameplay video:

Die By The Blade is scheduled for release in 2021 for PC and consoles, but you can already wishlist on Steam.