Detective Di The Silk Rose Murders Coming To Switch Next Week

With a number of young women being murdered, you have personally been hired by the Empress to solve these crimes in Detective Di The Silk Rose Murders.

Heard of Detective Di The Silk Rose Murders? Me neither, at least until now. It’s no secret, and you don’t need to subscribe to some scam pyramid scheme to find out more; just read/skim the following.

Still there? Time to continue your read: this is a point and click adventure from¬†RedDeerGames. Sold? Me too. As detective Di Renjije, you’ve been hired by the Empress of China during the Tang Dynasty. Someone has been killing young women, and you’re the person for the job. Finding things out, not killing. Fool.

Any dick worth their salt needs to collate the evidence and talk to perps, and that’s precisely what you’ll do here. With a bona fide deduction board, you’ll be able to surmise whether or not it was the butler or equivalent, all to the tune of a historical setting.

Key features in Detective Di The Silk Rose Murders include:

  • Captivating storyline with interesting characters
  • Atmosphere of ancient China culture and history
  • Challenging riddles to solve and many dialogue options to choose from
  • Retro 2D pixel art style
  • Original soundtrack with 13 tracks

Here’s a trailer:

Detective Di The Silk Rose Murders will be launching on the Nintendo Switch and Xbox on the 3rd of December, and hopefully, by that date, I’ll be able to tell you about it without revealing any spoilers.