Destroy All Humans!

If you’ve got any gaming heritage, you’ll undoubtedly have come across Destroy All Humans! – one of the best PlayStation 2 games without any arguments.

It seems like an age since the original came out, but as a retro collector, I’m going to smugly say I’ve been playing it on and off for years.

Not in glorious technicolor, however; Destroy All Humans! has been revamped for the newer generation of consoles via THQ Nordic and it’s looking spiffing.

Destroy All Humans! - Hollo!
Hollow! Hallo! Hello! Source: PR

Landing on the 28th of July, the game will be out for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. While a Switch title would be excellent, it’s bound to look prettier on these platforms.

Sorry, Mario.

If you’ve just surfaced from that underground bunker in the desert, Destroy All Humans! is a third-person action-adventure where you play the role of Crypto-137 in 1950s Earth, bringing down humankind in a variety of ways.

Aside from advanced alien weaponry, Crypto-137 can use his psychic abilities, and when he’s really going to town, will hop in his flying saucer and clear the cattle.

And that’s not just the beef variety.

Here’s what else you can expect to see in Destroy All Humans!

  • Use your Abducto Beam to throw tanks around!
  • Use your psychokinesis powers to crush a farmer under his own cow!
  • Discover which seemingly prude ’50s housewife secretly has the hots for her hairdresser!
  • Slowly batter a human to death with his own hat!
  • Light up the night by zapping your enemies with teslatastic electricity!
  • Take. One. Giant. Step. On. Mankind!

Check out the trailer below:

Destroy All Humans! is out on the 28th of July. Prepare for the end of the world, puny humans.

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