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Descenders Drops From The Heavens With Eye Watering Speed

A new mountain biking game for the PS4, Descenders features procedurally generated tracks and fuelled with adrenaline.

Source: PR

Out now on PS4, Descenders is an adrenaline-fuelled downhill mountain biking title featuring procedurally generated maps that, like the real thing, catches you on the fly.

I almost missed this one in terms of a news piece, but it didn’t escape my radar – expect a review on this game after the weekend as it’s a…mountain biking game – yay!

You’ll no doubt have read the review for Lonely Mountains Downhill – one of my favourite games of the year with its tranquil setting, yet challenging gameplay. Descenders, from No More Robots and Sold Out, is less serene as it taps into the raw speed of downhill mountain biking.

Descenders - Slide
Sliding (from the PSVR version) Source: PR

A disclaimer again, I like single track and touring – downhill does the same for my bowels with the sheer speed and danger it offers, so having another game to experiment with, without grazing my knees, is a highlight.

That doesn’t mean there’s no danger in the game as mistakes have real consequences. Tracks are procedurally generated and feature an array of jumps, slopes and hill bombs to fill your pants, giving you the hard knocks and experience to unlock new bikes and apparel.

We’re so excited to finally get Descenders into the hands of PlayStation 4 gamers today. It’s been a long time coming, but we know it’s going to have been worth the wait!

Mike Rose, Company Director at No More Robots

Check oot some gameplay:

Descenders is out not on the PlayStation 4 – the review to follow once I’ve fallen off a few more times.

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