Rince And Repeat The Demon Loop – An Upcoming Strategy In Early Access

Demons, who we once called friends, aim to destroy us humans. Fight back in the upcoming Early Access Demon Loop, coming soon.

Demon Loop, a strategy adventure inspired by Slay the Spire, will be coming to Early Access soon, so now’s the time to free up some time and storage space for this board/video game mash-up.

It’s not just Slay the Spire, but Gloomhaven has influenced this game, written by renowned boardgame author Alexander Pfister and developed by Magnolia Games. The premise is this: humans have befriended demons, but the latter have now turned, so it’s time to rally the troops and overcome the rotters!

Key features in Demon Loop include:

  • Improve and personalise your Loop by building and repairing structures like taverns, barracks and mines. Hire villagers to fight by your side, some might be inspired to join you permanently!
  • Every location has its own unique starting deck of cards. Choose Wisely which cards to add from your own personal collection, and what ones to buy along the way. 
  • Move through a vast fantasy world and discover new, mysterious locations. Speak to villagers and unravel the mystery behind the Demon Loop.
  • Strike down demons and beat the Loop to recover loot and earn crystals to improve your talents. Take part in weekly and monthly challenges and make it to the high score list!

Here’s the trailer:

There’s no specific date for Demon Loop, but it’ll be available via Early Access soon. Add it to your wishlist now, and you’ll get notifications on its release.