Deliver Us The Moon

Time and time again, I’ve said that the space genre doesn’t appeal to me, but lately, there have been so many decent space titles that it’s hard not to pay attention to games such as Deliver Us The Moon.

Out now on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, Deliver Us The Moon is a sci-fi thriller that has enjoyed a lot of success on the PC when it was released in 2019.

Set in a near-apocalyptic future, Deliver Us The Moon follows the efforts of the World Space Agency who are tasked with solving the Earth’s energy crisis.

The moon is a pivotal source for the organisation, but without warning, communications cease and the world is thrown into darkness. 

Deliver Us The Moon - Landing
The eagle has landed. Source: PR

Your mission, should you choose to accept it (you don’t have a choice, pal) is to re-establish the energy supplies and save the human race from disaster.

Wired Productions are on publishing duties for Deliver Us The Moon, which was developed by KeokeN Interactive, who had this to say:

The console launch represents the culmination of our journey from starry-eyed children, hypnotised by the astronomical enthusiasm of our grandfather, to game developers creating a deeply immersive game world that makes you feel like a real-life astronaut.

Koen Deetman, CEO KeokeN Interactive

For those who have already enjoyed Deliver Us The Moon on PC, itching to get it on their console, you’ll be pleased to know that a Deluxe Edition featuring the original soundtrack and a 100-page digital artbook will be available from the 14th August.

Check out the cinematic trailer below:

Deliver Us The Moon is out now on PS4 and Xbox One.

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