Deathloop Out This Week. Deathloop Out This Week. Déjà vu! Déjà vu!

A time loop anomaly in Blackreef causes it's inhabitants to suffer from amnesia, but live forever. In Deathloop, Colt attempts to end this cycle, but has a rival in Julianna, intent on stopping him from doing so.

Do you know anything about Deathloop? No? Me neither. There are only a few big titles that I actively pay attention to, and the belief that this was exclusively an online multiplayer put me off. Still, here’s some news.

We’re heading into dangerous paradoxical territory here as the game takes place on an island called Blackreef. Due to an anomaly, a time loop exists, attracting the military and the AEON Program to arrive, noting that subsequent tests allow the inhabitants to live forever. Alas, it comes with a flaw; the locals are experiencing amnesia.

Deathloop - Cinematic
Cinematic. Source: PR

One such person is Colt, whom you play. He connects with Julianna, and through their conversations and actions, we, as well as Colt, find out a lot more of their past by taking out the eight visionaries of the Aeon Program to finally end the time loop. The thing is, Julianna wants to stop you from doing this and will kill you if she has to.

A first-person experience from the creators of Prey and DishonoredArkane Studios, while Colt and Julianna’s have a conflicting mission, they’re seemingly the only two people unaffected by the amnesia side of things, and this shared experience makes theirs an interesting yet volatile relationship.

Here’s a Deathloop story trailer:

Deathloop is out this week, exclusively on the PS5, releasing on the 14th of September.