Death And Taxes Puts The Fun In Paperwork And Death

Initially on the PC, now available for the Nintendo Switch, Death and Taxes follows the Grim Reaper's first office job.

Death and Taxes, an indie game by Placeholder Gameworks, gets a release on the Nintendo Switch from the people at Pineapple Works.

That’s right, load up the eShop today, and you’ll be able to download this narrative-based game where you play the Grim Reaper at your first office job. My spider senses are picking up Peace, Death!

Your task is to decide who gets to live and who will die, in a similar style to Papers, Please and Beholder. As the press info says here, ‘achieves a difficult task of making paperwork fun and engaging’.

Death and Taxes - The Office
The Office. Source: PR

Hey, paperwork is already fun!

But being in charge of life and death comes with great responsibilities – you have to ensure you keep the balance, meet the guidelines of Fate and appease your boss like any other officer.

These aren’t numbers you’re crunching, these are individuals, and each has their own background story to share, often in a self-contained arrangement. 

Key features in Death and Taxes includes:

  • Multi-layered choices that shape two different worlds simultaneously!
  • Multiple endings [some of ’em VERY secret]!
  • A mix-and-match customizable Grim Reaper!
  • Quality voice acting for every NPC!
  • Phenomenal writing, beautiful visuals and a smooth, atmospheric soundtrack!

Death in motion:

You can pick up Death and Taxes on the Nintendo Switch now, but there’s also a demo available that’s worth trying out before you buy.

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