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Dead Or School Gets Physical Release Date

Dead Or School physical release

Whether you liked school or not, what better way to revisit it than facing a series of zombies making their way down the corridors in Dead or School? Granted, it isn’t the best scenario but it’s a concept that’s worked before with the likes of Lolipop Chainsaw, so let’s paint the walls red with the undead!

Dead or School, for the Switch and PS4, takes place in… you guessed it, only this school is based in Tokyo, as are the very many identifiable places like Akihabara, Roppongi and Shinjuku to name a few. You play Hisako, a repressed schoolgirl who has only experienced life underground, following this zombie apocalypse but is now on a quest to reclaim the land above following a pep talk by her grandma.

Dead or School - Slasher
The infamous level 22 Slasher… Source: PR

Here’s some of the features, straight from the source, Marvelous Games:

▪ Explore Tokyo in a fast-paced 2.5D adventure: Take control of Hisako and explore different areas of Tokyo through the underground subway system while defeating hordes of different zombies and huge bosses.

▪ Slice and Shoot to Salvation: Engage enemies with close-range sword attacks and long-range weapon attacks which can be combined to create deadly combination attacks on the undead army roaming the city.

▪ Upgrade and Customise your loadout: Enhance Hisako’s abilities using money and experience gained during combat with new weapons and skills.

▪ Animated cut-scenes with Japanese voice-over: Enjoy cinematic animated cut-scenes with full Japanese voice over.

Dead Or School physical release is out on the 13th March for both the Nintendo Switch and the PS4.

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