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Experience The Contents Of A Dead Man’s Diary Today

Better known for their bus simulators, RML Studios today launch Dead Man’s Diary – a first-person experience set in a fictitious post-apocalyptic world.

Dead Man's Diary release date
Source: Steam

Today on Steam, Dead Man’s Diary is a first-person exploration title set in a fictitious post-apocalyptic world. Some 15 years after a catastrophic event, you decided it’s time to head out into the world and fight for survival.

A little like Fallout, but a little less populated when looking at the source material, TML Studios game is a step out of their comfort zone. They’re better known for their vehicle simulation, such as The BusFernbus Simulator and World of Subways.

Their attention to detail shines through in the visuals, as watching the trailer yesterday was pretty cool. The Steam page states that this is a shooter and a puzzler, so I’ll be interested in seeing where this goes and whether it’s more like Chernobylite or INDUSTRIA.

Check out the trailer below:

Dead Man’s Diary currently sits in my review pile, and unable to produce any material for it today, so if you’re on the fence and anything I say adds to your decision making, watch out for a write-up.

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