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Darkestville Castle Brings The Classic Point And Click Back From The Dead, With The Dead

Darkestville Castle is a point and click adventure now available as a playable – read it ‘playable’ demo on the PS4, Xbox One and the Switch. 

I’ll start this news piece with an unbiased statement:

I want this.

Darkestville Castle - Wanted
Wanted: This game. Source: Steam

So yeah, Darkestville Castle is my type of game; a point and click adventure with quirky characters and feel-good humour. Well, that is unless they’ve shown all the best bits in the trailer.

From Buka Entertainment (Twitter) and Epic Llama (also Twitter), this adventure game will be coming to the PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. I was half expecting this to be a Steam exclusive, so on that note, I’ll be trialling this tonight.

Playing as the skeletal demon Cid, and, well… I don’t know much about the game to be honest, but I do know that there’s a character in it called Dan Teapot.

This kind of works in my favour as it means I’ll have to do some research and play the game. Tonight. Then I’ll report my findings here, but on a new webpage as a preview.

Check out this loveable skellywag:

Pre-orders are currently available on the Switch and Xbox One, but expect to see the full game as early as the 13th August. In the meantime, download the demo for Darkestville Castle, fools.

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