Come Visit (Feudal) Japan In Rogue-Like Dark Samurai On Steam

The way of the bushido need not be a solitary experience - bring your friends along for rogue-like co-op Dark Samurai, coming to Steam.

What’s so dark about Dark Samurai? Is it his outlook on life? A cutting sense of humour that’s inappropriate times, or is it something else? Look, there isn’t time for an origin story when there are hordes of enemies about.

Set in feudal Japan, because that’s the best time to don armour, you must slay demons, collect loot, level up, and expand your skills and equipment. The title from Onigiri Games features permanent progression, set in a persistent open world – ideal for any rogue-like survival game.

Even better news for sociable types – Dark Samurai is an online co-op for up to four players using trickery called ‘fully deterministic rollback networking guarantees a lag-free gameplay experience for everybody in your party, no matter where they are’. 

Alright, so wearing armour impedes movement, and movement looks a little stiff, but this tight little indie features all the ingredients required for a decent rogue-like, no? 

Find out more on the Steam page.