Dark Room Is Not A Place To Take It Easy

Trapped in a mansion with escape rooms for one, DARK ROOM is a horror puzzle title out now on Steam and Itch.

An escape room for one, Dark Room is a horror adventure out now on Steam, waiting to test your grey matter.

Got a bit of a headache? Need to lie down? You can forget about it in Dark Room: you have to solve puzzles galore in a mansion you find yourself trapped in, with only a wristwatch displaying 4th of July 1997.

As a non-American, I don’t keep track of that specific date, but I have an idea about what I was doing in 1997 and don’t want to incriminate myself. It’s nothing exciting, just attempting to make myself mysterious-o. 

Dark Room - What
What? Source: Screenshot capture

Dark Room comes from indie developers Lexip Games, and they’re determined to get you to ask the questions on how you got to the mansion in the first place, but perhaps more pressing: who’s that knocking on the door?

Why reinvent the wheel, when someone has carefully invented it with the following words:

He stared at the darkness and thinking. In early morning, when all the doors were locked, they had all wanted to come in, and now that he had opened one door and the other had apparently been opened during the day, no one came in and even the keys were on the other side of the doors…

More of a teaser trailer, but enough to quench your thirst:

Dark Room is currently available on Steam also Itch.io, and you know how prices go up and down, but at the time of writing, it’s a steal!

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