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Dagon By – H.P. Lovecraft Demo Free To Play On Steam

The classic Dagon, by H.P. Lovecraft gets revived in this first-person narrative visual novel from Bit Golem. A playable demo is now available during the Steam Next Fest.

Dagon Demo
Source: Screen capture

H.P. Lovecraft shows up more often than ‘the’ in game descriptions these days. With the application of basic probability, some of them are eventually going to be crap. Dagon is not.

This visual novel really will be a case of taste. It’s not the conventional Big Tits McGee blushing while wearing a lolita outfit type visual novel, rather a re-enactment of the classic take by Mr Lovecraft.

Dagon - Fish head
Fish head. Source: Steam

It’s only a demo, so there are some restrictions, and naturally, a game can change completely. Perhaps Dagon will evolve into a platformer? Doubtful. Bit Golem, however, has managed to capture the menace of the original text with some gorgeous, if creepy, visuals. Much like The Shore.

Narrated by Henry Cavill in Geralt mode (it’s not him, but the chap sounds great), we experience an on-rails narrative in a first-person perspective.

There aren’t many mechanics on offer, no choices, just the autonomy to click a collectable, revealing some insights to the tale and interacting to the next scene. 

Here’s my playthrough. Apologies for the sound – it was set to the default, but the ambient sounds can be a little overwhelming in places.

Dagon sounds boring as a game description, at least, I think it does, but it’s a compelling story, and the presentation and sound production is excellent.

Fellow Lovecraft fans might get that ‘cheek buzz’ of endorphins, or whatever you want to call it, while playing this, but it’s a bit brief. Enough to wishlist it, mind, and an entry on the calendar ‘he’s coming on the 20th of August’.

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