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CYGNI All Guns Blazing Out 2021

Next level shooter

CYGNI All Guns Blazing

What do you get if you cross former Pixar artists with the Unreal Engine? CYGNI All Guns Blazing.

Before you try to reverse engineer that as some sort of dad joke, it’s, in fact, a real very potent blend of a competent team let loose on producing a high energy shooter initially on the PC and Mac, with consoles to follow suit.

In 2021.

Yes, yes, that sounds like a long way away, but it’s only six months and former Pixar artists?

CYGNI All Guns Blazing - Blast
In awe… Source: Keelworks

They’re even bringing their cinematic signature to this twin-stick vertical shooter, and I for one am stoked about it.

While it’s early days, a lot of the game features have already been announced, courtesy of the developers, Keelworks:

  • With next generation visuals, animation and special effects CYGNI is a new benchmark in cinematic shoot’em ups
  • Be the lone fighter battling through intensely hostile levels filled with waves of air and ground assaults
  • Choose where to route power on the fly switching between shields (defensive) or weapons systems (offensive)
  • Collect energy to power up your ship and energise weaponry from hard-hitting nukes to inescapable vortex bombs
  • Launch air to air and air-to-ground attacks as you traverse neon-lit metropolises, moon-like landscapes and even outer space
  • Go one-on-one against gargantuan enemies in cinematically epic boss battles
  • Full orchestral score and immersive sound design

See the trailer for yourself. Just remember to wipe the floor afterwards.

Out first on PC and Mac in 2021, followed by PS4, Xbox One and next-gen consoles, CYGNI All Guns Blazing is one to watch.

Keep up-to-date with the official site.

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