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cyberpunkdreams Coming to Steam next month
Source: YouTube capture


We All Have Them, Right? cyberpunkdreams On Steam Next Month

More cyberpunk, but this time with real consequences in a text-based adventure. cyberpunkdreams is coming to Steam next month (May 2021).

Despite the bad juju that goes on Twitter, I love how it’s an excellent platform for finding new titles, like that you might not have come across before. cyberpunkdreams is one of them.

From Late Night Games, a quick acknowledgement of my existence goes a long way as it brought me to their text-based adventure coming out next month on Steam.

I don’t think it’s a valid statement to say text-based adventures aren’t my thing, but that’s probably because I haven’t played enough, and those memories are embedded in gaming history involving ‘You’re in a room…’.

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cyberpunkdreams - Noodles
Noodles. Source: Steam

The catchy score to the trailer already caught my interest, so what is cyberpunkdreams all about? This isn’t exclusive, I’m just picking from the info on Steam, but it has a slight similarity to Cyberpunk 2077 in that you’re an outsider looking to make a name for yourself, this time at the gate of Cincinnati in 2090.

But other than the typical dystopian mindset that accompanies the genre, all comparison seep into the desert without a trace, and we can focus on the game. After the initial appeal of the genre and soundtrack, my focus shifted to this quote:

Choices have consequences, the city remembers

There’s the winner. Sprinkle that with some character customisation, and I believe we’ve found a new apartment to move into and spend our time: cyberpunkdreams. Ok, I haven’t played the game, but just that little spark, and it’s now heading to the wishlist, and suggest you check this one out too.

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Trailer? Sure, why not.

The release date for cyberpunkdreams is set for the 14th of May. Naturally, you can wishlist it too and get notifications, but that’s just over a month, so get your act together. That last bit was aimed at me.

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