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Curved Space Is A Fresh Spin On Space Wrangling

Space wranglers unite in Curved Space – an arcade shooter coming to consoles and Steam this autumn

Curved Space

Space wranglers unite in Curved Space – an arcade shooter coming to consoles and Steam this autumn.

With complete disregard to all theories about gravity, you take control of a ship that clings to the surface of each arena, following the contours of every bend.

In a somewhat distant connection, Curved Space reminds me of a sci-fi shooter version of Etherborn, the way it manipulates space (and messes with your head).

And Asteroids, of course.

Curved Space - Wrangling
Keep wranglin’ wranglin’ wranglin’ Source: Steam

This is the debut game from Only By Midnight who have paired together a blend of physics-defying mobius strips (watch David Lynch’s Lost Highway to see a mobius strip in action), along with an 80s-inspired synthwave soundtrack performed by FiXT.

Curved Space has you harvest energy from would-be invaders, notably galactic spiders, earning various upgrades and taking on goliath bosses.

Here’s a peek at what’s on offer:

  • 2D twin-stick style shooter action wrapped around gravity-defying warped 3D arenas.
  • High-energy synthwave soundtrack featuring artists ScandroidFury Weekend & 3Force.
  • Master advanced ship systems. Energy lashes, dash-boosters and Overdrive Mode.
  • A non-linear Story Mode sends players down unpredictable timelines to strange endings.
  • Stylish comic-style cutscenes from Heavy Metal artist Kyle Charles.
  • Tons of weird and wonderful alien insects to battle, lasso and leech energy from.
  • Face massive multi-stage boss battles in Story and Survival Mode.
  • Over twenty weapons, from laser cannons to magnetic throwing blades.

But enough of the descriptions, have a look at the Curved Space trailer for a glimpse at what’s to come:

Curved Space is out in the autumn on the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and Steam.

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