I never thought I’d be counting down the days for a golf-like game, but Cursed To Golf IS a month away from tee-time, and it just looks bloody brilliant.

From the brilliantly titled Chuhai Labs (I say it every time), and site favourite Thunderful, the rules are ‘reimagined’ in this game about a dead golf champion. Stuck in Golf Purgatory, you need to beat an 18-hole course that covers four biomes for the ultimate prize: life.

Cursed to Golf isn’t a straightforward golf game (obviously) as there are multiple paths to the flag, with a fair amount of hazards such as TNT and traps along the way. Fortunately, you’ll get extra shots and teleportation buffs if you can trigger said obstacles. And between holes, you get to explore in a golf cart, huntin’ treasure.

If you like golf and you like being cursed, then boy do we have the game for you,… In fact, if neither of those two things are up your alley, then Cursed to Golf will still blow your mind. Believe it!

Mark Lentz, Producer at Chuhai Labs

Thanks, Mark. Here’s a trailer:

So, when do we play? Cursed to Golf release date is the 18th of August and will be available for the PC, PS4/5, Xboxeses and the Switch.