Cursed To Golf? That Sounds Like Hell

Old news is still news: Cursed to Golf got a developer commentary at the ID@Xbox Showcase, and if you haven't seen it yet, well... it's in this post.

Cursed to Golf is getting a lot of attention lately, and Chuhai Labs (do they really make chuhai?) and Thunderful’s upcoming golf adventure got a gameplay video.

Launched at the ID@Xbox Showcase in what seems like weeks ago (last week), this golf-like adventure featured from developer commentary, depicting some of the ‘world-bending trick shots’ and hellishly difficult holes. As the written material states, this and the soundtrack are ‘way too awesome to appear in your average golf game’.

In Cursed to Golf, you play as a Golf Champion trapped in Golf Purgatory. Is that worse than Snooker Purgatory? If you are to return to your former glory as a meat bag, you must complete 18 dungeon-like holes.

Here’s that commentary referred to:

Cursed to Golf is coming sometime in 2022. It’ll be available for PC and consoles – including the Switch and Xbox Series X/S, and Xbox One. No PlayStation mentions yet, however.