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Curious Expedition Hits Consoles Later This Month

Curious Expedition release date

How curious… I get a notification that Curious Expedition is coming out on multiple platforms this month, and I don’t appear to know too much about that. Hopefully, that changes in the coming days as it’s out at the end of the month.

Curious Expedition is a rogue-like from Maschinen-Mensch and being published by Thunderful Games – who happen to have a partnership with Rising Star Games, who recently unleashed DLC for Rico: Breakout.

Curious Expedition - Frost

Set in the late 19th century, Curious Expedition is a strategy game that is very much tailored to the individual’s experience – no one story is the same as they are procedurally generated. While we’re all familiar with procedurally generated maps, having a unique narrative each time is intriguing.

With the emphasis on exploration, players navigate across a large world map, exploring unchartered lands, meeting villagers and lost civilisations – there are even hints at some otherworldly artefacts and ‘ungodly beasts’. The threat of death does not appear to be a deterrent here, however, as each new adventure is unlike the one that precedes it.

When it comes to visuals, Curious Expedition isn’t much of a looker, but anyone who played similar-looking titles like this on their Amiga 500 (i.e. me) may have got a little buzz from watching the trailer. Curious Expedition looks quite mesmerising and has already won an indie game development award already.

Already available on Steam, Curious Expedition is coming to PS4 on the 31st March, and Nintendo Switch and Xbox One will follow on the 2nd April 2020.

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