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Curious Expedition 2 Highlands of Avalon DLC Out Now!

More content for Curious Expedition 2: Highlands of Avalon DLC is out now on Steam, with a Switch update to follow in 2022.

Curious Expedition 2 - Oh, brother
Oh, brother. Source: Steam

An indie that defines adventure and exploration, in my arrogant opinion, Curious Expedition 2 gets new content: the Highlands of Avalon DLC, out now on PC with the Switch update to follow in 2022.

From Maschinen-Mensch and Thunderful Games, we now have access to a new island type, tiles, mechanic to ascend hills, a new tribe called the Picts, and a minor upgrade to your phone’s camera. The latter is made up, as per all the annual mobile upgrades. Irrelevant.

In addition to these new features and the brand spanking new artwork in Highlands of Avalon DLC, there are also new recruits for your expeditions that include a Grail Knight, the Precious Clydesdale horse, three Kobold variants and more.

Here’s the latest trailer:

We’re really excited to keep adding to and improving Curious Expeditions 2, this time with the Highlands of Avalon DLC… We hope our PC players enjoy it on November 16th and we can’t wait to unleash it on Switch and, along with the full game, on PlayStation and Xbox early next year!

Mascha Camino, Game Designer at Maschinen-Mensch. 

Highlands of Avalon DLC is out now, priced at $5.99 / €5.99 / £4.99 with a 10% launch discount.

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