A Little To The Left… Time To Sort Out The Cupboards & Drawers DLC

Time for another sort out and getting everything back where it belongs in Cupboards & Drawers DLC for A Little to the Left.

Don’t expect an exhaustive Cupboards & Drawers DLC review, the latest content for A Little to the Left, as there’s not much more to add other than get it if you enjoyed the base game. A lazy comment, I know, but Max Inferno and Secret Mode’s puzzler couldn’t be simpler.

In the latest update, you must rearrange objects in cupboards and drawers. I bet you already guessed that. You’re not just a pretty face, eh? But enough about you, what’s new with the DLC?

There are 25 new puzzles added, and though they follow the same principle of rearranging bits ‘n bobs into their rightful place, some of the levels add a new perspective by having interactive cupboard doors, drawers, and secret compartments (pending you solve the existing puzzles).

Cupboards & Drawers DLC Review - Gamer
Gamer. Source: Screen capture

Cupboards & Drawers DLC Review

Again, Cupboards & Drawers DLC has quite a few secrets, but don’t smash through it in one sitting to get all the achievements. This kind of zen puzzler is best played at a leisurely pace. The actual puzzles aren’t that difficult at all. Instead, the appeal comes from the steps you take to organise everything – perhaps tinkering a little to get it just right.

The only challenge comes from the beginning of each level, where you have to devise a plan and experiment with the placement of objects. Half a dozen puzzles or so confused me, not knowing where to start or where the items seemingly fit, but the level wouldn’t move forward. Fortunately, there’s the hint system once more.

A Little to the Left uses an excellent hint system where you rub away at a sketch to reveal sections with the answer. You could go nuts and rub out the image to show the solution in one go, but what’s the point? While there are a further 25 levels here, Cupboards & Drawers DLC won’t take long to complete, so savour it, you hasty haster. Yeah, I know it’s not a word.

Cupboards & Drawers DLC Review - Try tackling this
Try tackling this. Source: Screen capture

The Cat Returns

This is the bit where I say I didn’t use the hint system, but that’s a lie. As mentioned, there were some puzzles where I got stuck and had to resort to some hints to get started or to correct the way I’d placed everything. It didn’t ruin the game, but if it weren’t for this being a review, I’d have ‘let it be’ and return to the puzzles later on. 

By the way, the cat is back, but the good news? They don’t screw up your puzzles like last time; instead, you can give them a little pet.

As Cupboards & Drawers is DLC, there’s not much more to add other than reiterate that you should grab it if you were a fan of the original game. The visuals and level design are brilliant, with some challenging mechanics. The last few puzzles ran out of steam and were too easy to complete, but it’s a recommended purchase.

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