Technology has deceived us: a hard reset isn’t about pressing ctrl+alt+del and starting afresh – even pulling the plug is only a temporary solution, but it doesn’t solve the problem.

Without beating around the bush, these past couple of weeks have been tortuous. Putting things in perspective is important when under stress: is it a life or death experience? Fortunately, we could push through the latter, but the aftermath that followed has been unbearable, and the only way to move on is to write.

I was close to taking a hiatus on the site as I was preoccupied with many things that required my attention, but I only had so much time in the day. Now, faced with a massive gap in my life, need something to distract (not avoid) from the current circumstances. 

I’m sure you aren’t interested in looking behind the curtain to see what happens behind the scenes, but this reminds me that change is constant and that anything can be taken away in an instant. I’m grateful for what I have and want to maintain that, so here I am, writing to restore my hope.

This isn’t a self-help site, and I don’t expect anyone to find, let alone read this post, but to convince myself that I will eventually get through it, and you can too – whatever it may be you are experiencing. If you’ve been hurt or inadvertently upset someone through your actions whilst going through that pain, remember those who helped you, what is in your control, and what is out of it. 

Hit me up on the contact form if that’s you, and if the latter is specifically you, I’m deeply sorry and wish I could have told you what I’m currently going through and provided some context.

Now, wipe that mascara away: let’s get back to writing.