Crysis Remastered Fine-Tuned And Ready For Action Next Month

A classic title gets a reboot for PS4 and Xbox One next month in Crysis Remastered and it's looking superb.

Crysis Remastered has had its fun on Nintendo, now it’s heading to the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One this September.

It’s quite rare that the Nintendo Switch should get an FPS before the PS4 and Xbox One, but that’s exactly what’s happened here.

If you have some gaming heritage, you might recall that the original Crysis was a blow-your-balls-off visual extravaganza, requiring the equivalent of a Ferrari F40 engine in your gaming PC to get the best graphics.

Suffice to say, I missed out the first time but more than happy to ‘relive’ the experience when the game comes to the PlayStation 4.

From Crytek and co-developed with Saber Interactive, the focus on the game is the original single-player campaign. Now, it’s really flashy with lots of tech terms, so here’s how the game has changed, visually:

…is slated to contain high-quality textures up to 8K, HDR support, temporal anti-aliasing, Screen Space Directional Occlusion (SSDO), Global Illumination (SVOGI), state-of-the-art depth fields, new light settings, motion blur, parallax occlusion mapping, Screen Space Reflections and Shadows (SSR & SSS) as well as new and updated particle effects and more.

Crysis Remastered also boasts a ray tracing feature for both platforms powered by CRYENGINE’s propriety software-based ray tracing solution.

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If you’re new to gaming or simply unfamiliar with the title, you’re equipped with a Nanosuit that allows for invisibility, boosted strength and unprecedented control over play style. I bought Crysis 3 on the release date for the PS3, and if it’s anything like that, we’re in for a treat.

Here’s a 4K comparison trailer, courtesy of Crytek:

Crysis Remastered is out on the PS4 (and Xbox One) on the 18th of September.