Crowns and Pawns: Kingdom of Deceit Walkthrough

Stuck on Crowns and Pawns: Kingdom of Deceit? Here's a walkthrough for you from start to finish (not an achievements list, by the way).

It’s been a while since I made a point and click guide, so here’s a Crowns and Pawns: Kingdom of Deceit walkthrough – fresh off the press as I’ve literally played through again to compile this.

As a disclaimer, note that this has spoilers – it’s a walkthrough. I encourage you to play through at your leisure but assuming you’re a grown-up, you can do as you please. Make sure to exhaust all the dialogue when you can, as it’s so well-written, and Milda is… ace.

Also, there is only one ending that I’m aware of. I opted for both paths at the end of the game, and all it did was unlock an achievement. This Crowns and Pawns: Kingdom of Deceit walkthrough does not cover 100% achievements. Three of the achievements are related to the profession you opt, so just shy of a third playthrough, there’s only one achievement I’m missing. A hidden one at that.

Let’s begin…

Crowns and Pawns Kingdom of Deceit Walkthrough - No walkthroughs yet_
What? Where are all the walkthroughs? Source: Screen capture

Milda’s Apartment

Create your avatar (this will make a onesie for Milda that you wear at the beginning and at her friend’s apartment. Alas, you can’t change into it… that I know of).

In the second playthrough, I found that answering Dana’s questions made a difference as I earned a tattoo I didn’t have in the first play.

Pick a profession: photographer, programmer or psychologist. These impact some of the puzzles and interactions. As the assistant, I would be able to profile characters by using a psychology book found in the inventory.

In this playthrough, I went for the programmer *note that some of the solutions may differ, but only a couple*

Pick up the USB stick (programmer) and phone.

Go to the computer, head to the email tab and, print off the pink flyer, then collect it from the printer. 

Leave the apartment.

Outdoor Art Exhibition

Talk to Dana, then click on the painting that falls to the left.

Crowns and Pawns Kingdom of Deceit Walkthrough - Alfie
Alfie. Source: Screen capture

Return to Dana, tell her about the painting and ask for some gum.

Right-click on the gum in your inventory, then use it on the painting.

After Alfred arrives, talk to the scout girl and exhaust the options. Ask to pour some lemonade, then return to Dana and ask for some money.

Use the money on the scout girl, then give the cup to the musician first, then Alfred.

Ask Dana for more coins (rinse and repeat each time you need them).

Go back to the scout girl and ask if she’ll sell pure lemon.

Tell her you like the sour taste very much.

Before drinking the lemon, chew some gum to numb the taste, then ask her to sell you some pure lemon.

Get more money and throw in the musician’s case. 

When he attempts to collect the money, use the lemon on his trumpet (not a euphemism).

Talk to Alfred, then give him the pink poster.

Return home and change into the clothes from the poster – the long sleeve black top with built-in gloves, running pants with pink on the shins, and the grey and pink trainers/sneakers.

Crowns and Pawns Kingdom of Deceit Walkthrough - RUN
A runners build. Source: Screen capture

Return to Alfred and talk to him.

Return to the apartment.

Milda’s Apartment

Get changed. If you like.

Talk to Dana.

Click on your mobile and go to the notes tab.

Link the ‘5 things to pack’ with

  • travel documents
  • toiletries
  • jeans
  • sneakers
  • headphones

Not sure if that makes a difference, but you gotta have the top two, right?

Click on the phone tab and call your mum.

Next, text Joris to set up accommodation.

Talk to Dana, then cue adventure…

Grandpa’s House

Look in the mailbox to get ID and blank page.

Use the keys in your inventory on the fusebox.

I cocked this up so many times in both this and the demo, but this is the solution: -, +, neutral, -, neutral, +

Crowns and Pawns Kingdom of Deceit Walkthrough - Dials
Dials. Source: Screen capture

Go inside the house and hit the light switch.

Pick up the following: blank page x2, magnets, lighter (in the oven), batteries and kerosene (cupboard) and shovel. Leave home and take the apple to your right.

Enter the broken window to the left of the screen.

Pick up the walkie-talkie.

After the conversation, take the metal detector, blank page (move the chair), blank page (in the mattress), string from the right drawer, and invisible ink from the left drawer.

Open the toolbox and take the nut and shears.

Combine the magnet bottle opener with the string and the batteries with the metal detector.

Use the kerosene in the lamp and light it. 

Go into the kitchen and use the magnet with the string on the crack in the floor.

Head outside and use the metal detector on the garden patch to the left of the window.

Use the shovel on the marked spot.

Combine the large nut with the bolt, then the shears.

Go back into the bedroom and use the five blank pages over the lamp. Match them up to make a message from Milda’s grandpa.

Go back outside and use the shears on the flowers under the tree where you go the apple.

Take the old letter and puzzle outside of the tree.

The puzzle can be solved by referring to grandpa’s message, but the solution here is: 

Horsemen, crown, tomb, song, king.

Take out the paper and look at it.

Get in the car and meet Joris.

Joris’ Apartment

Crowns and Pawns Kingdom of Deceit Walkthrough - 'ello_
‘ello? Source: Screen capture

Talk to Joris and give him the old letter.

Call your mum.

Open the cabinet and take the olive oil – use this on the blank pages.

Give Grandpa’s letter to Joris, then the old note, and then look at it through your inventory.

The missing words are the following:

  • keys
  • crown
  • hidden
  • Architect
  • fire
  • gods
  • manuscript

Give the translation to Joris.

After the chats, take the wine.

Exit the apartment and take the flyer on the table.

Talk to Joris and go with him to the library.


Pick up the flag, then talk to the professor and give him your translation.

Click on the important information in the text for a breakdown.

Leave and go back to Joris. Talk to him and then return to the library.

Talk to the librarian and ask for each book one at a time, making sure to read each of them and noting important details. Each time you read about it, return to the librarian and ask for the next book.

Crowns and Pawns Kingdom of Deceit Walkthrough - Shhhhhh
SHHHhhhhhh! Source: Screen capture

Ask about the GRRCL books, and you’ll get a number. Call it and exhaust the options. Next, ask for the Glaubitz book and make a note of the temples.

Before asking for the next book, look at Granpa’s ID and manually select the ID item on the card. Ask about checking a book with the librarian, then ask her to get the Necronomicon.

While she is away, use the USB on the computer.

For the psychologist ‘path’ you can use your book on her to find out if she has PMS. Offer your pills, and she’ll help you guess the password. It’s different for the photographer, and Katie kindly emailed in with the following (thanks, Katie!):

Once you send the librarian to get the faraway book, turn the mirror on the desk so it faces her computer screen. Then when she returns and sits down again, take a picture with your camera (in inventory) of the mirror. The mirror has to be at the correct angle or it doesn't work.

Make sure to look at the cat, then ask the librarian to work out the password. The cat is called Fortuna – add 123 for the password, login is on the ID that cat has).

Look at your notes and match Eva Bardaite with Fortuna123. 

Login to the laptop with bardaite.eva and Fortuna123

Grandpa’s House

Head back to Grandpa’s house and go into the kitchen. Look at the pile of books on the bookcase to find the Don Quixote book.

Turn the pages to get to the bishops page and use your remaining magnet on it.

Crowns and Pawns Kingdom of Deceit Walkthrough - Booky wook
Booky wook. Source: Screen capture

Go to your notepad and match up the keys:

  • Church of St. Catherine
  • Church of the Holy Spirit
  • Great Synagogue of Vilnius

Joris’ Apartment

Go back to Joris and tell him your findings, and he’ll make it on the map.

Go back to the bagel lady and give her the flyer. Ask about Tamara and the synagogue to set up a meeting.

Talk to Tamara outside and inspect all the images on the document she provides. Make a mental note of the candlestick.

Church of the Holy Spirit

Go to the church of the Holy Spirit and talk to the Priest. After hearing about the wine bottle, use yours on the holy water, then head to the other church on your map.

St. Catherine’s Church

Talk to the homeless man, but first, click on the wine bottle in his trolley.

Talk to him and ask about the stolen wine. Give him the bottle, then use the invisible ink with it and try again.

Make sure to take the bottle in his trolley before leaving, and return to the Church of the Holy Spirit and hand over the correct wine.

When leaving the church, check your phone to receive an unknown text. 

After replying, head back to St. Catherine’s church.

Talk to the homeless man again, then the statue.

After receiving the number, call Vlad.

Crowns and Pawns Kingdom of Deceit Walkthrough - Bum
Bum. Source: Screen capture

Church of the Holy Spirit

Return to the Church of Holy Spirit, but head to the travel agent down the street.

Ask about Belarus and go fill in the visa application.

Your answers don’t matter but note that when you complete the application, there’s a flyer. Go back to pick ut up and hand it to the clerk for a ticket to the hockey game.

Check your texts and reply to Dana.

Go back inside and show the Priest the Glaubitz manuscript.


Return to the library to find the cat has gone.

Fortuna likes tuna, so go back to the bagel lady and ask for a tuna bagel. 

Return to the library, but use the bagel and magnet, then place it on the drain pipe.

Chase Fortuna towards the bagel.

When Fortuna goes for it, pick up the ID and use it on the card reader.


Inside, pick up the glue.

Go to the terminal and select


Then confirm (the chap with the ‘W’ on page one of the Grand Duchy).

Take the artefact and place it on the left side of the machine.

Pick up the metal cubes and put them in any order, but leave one of the second of the largest cubes out. Also, add in that nut you’ve been carrying for a while.

Crowns and Pawns Kingdom of Deceit Walkthrough - Archives
Archives. Source: Screen capture

Put the legit key back and then click return on the terminal.

Go to Tamara (outside Joris’) and look at the image and compare that candlestick from earlier by dragging the key from your inventory onto it.

Call the candlestick collector.

Church of the Holy Spirit

Head to the Church of Holy Spirit to the driver.

Give him your ticket.

Pay attention to his clothes as you need to replicate them.

Use the scissors on the flag, then add glue.

Head to Grandpa’s and collect the sweater in his room. 

Combine the flag and sweater, and then use the shears again for your gear. 

Return to the driver and get on the coach.


This is arguably the hardest part of the game – from my experience.

Take the flag, then the horn.

Use the horn on the sleeping fan.

The pattern for the horn is: 

Upper, middle, middle, upper, upper.

At the game, head left and talk to Vlad.

Take the flag.

Crowns and Pawns Kingdom of Deceit Walkthrough - I'm in
I’m in… Source: Screen capture

Pull the cover off the painting.

Ask Vlad about the call and mention if he’s a betting man.

Pick Belarus as the winner (it’s the only option) and offer him the house.

Go back to the game and glue the flags together, then pin them to the glass. Play the tune:

Upper, middle, middle, upper, upper, then finish flow.

After the break, play Belarus’ chant (you can hear it after the attack chant, and it was the bit I struggled with!)

Use the horn and play: 

Lower, lower, upper, upper, lower, lower, middle, upper.

Talk to the fan and find out that they’re drawing. 

Ask about the strategies as you’re going to get Vlad to put in a call.

Go to Vlaf to make adjustments. You can change to the third line.

Return to the game and play the Lithuania chant for the last time to win the game.

Call Dad.

Joris’ Apartment

You can’t engage with the fan so text up Dana.

At the apartment, look at the painting, then call Dana.

Exit to go to Italy.


Head left and give the apple to the goat.

Talk to the balloon vendor to get info for an upcoming setpiece.

Head up the balcony and meet… Grandpa!

After the scene, take an apple and look at the balcony further away from you. 

Drop the apple on the left tank, return, then drop one on the right, then twice on the balloon (the first one fails). 

QUICK: take out your lighter and use it on the balloon as it reaches you to make an exit.

The only annoying part of the game is this motorcycle chase.

First, head to the blue scooter.

Line up the dials so that the green lights come on. See the image for an idea.

Crowns and Pawns Kingdom of Deceit Walkthrough - Ignition
We have ignition. Source: Screen capture

After the thug crashes into you, head ‘left’ and then use the horn on the thug.

Once ahead, head left again, so you’re in front of him, then click the bike (accelerator) once he’s close to complete the scene. Easy when you know how, but this took me a while…

Joris’ Apartment

Look at the painting and call Dana.

Combine the invisible ink with the cloth from the sweater and use it on the painting.

Wipe away the face, emblem, and text.

Use your list of chancellors with the painting and turn to page 2, the second from the top left: Leonas Sapiega.

Go to your notes on your phone and link ‘Sapiega hid the crown…’ with ‘Pagan temple sites’.

Talk to Joris.

St. Catherine’s Church

Try to get to the main entrance.

Get Joris to distract the cleaning lady by asking for directions at the main door while you sneak into the side door.

Use the keys on the side door.

With the statues, have them all face the statue fourth from the left. The one they’re looking at should look to the left.

To do this, push the blank plaques (see the screenshot).

Crowns and Pawns Kingdom of Deceit Walkthrough - Statues
Musical statues without the notes. Source: Screen capture

Enter the passage and use the kerosene on the first bowl, and light it.

Do the same for the statue below but extinguish the one before.

You are trying to cast a shadow, as seen on the page with the hooded monks/priests with a cross emblem in Glaubitz’s manuscript.

Light the fourth statue from the left to create some shadows.

Use the shovel here to get the seal.

Leave the area and get captured.

Hit the thug in the nuts to make your escape.

In the chambers, use the shovel on the far right statue.

Head to Sapiega Park.

Sapiega Park

Save your game now in prep for an alternative ending.

Pick up the seal and use the metal detector on the pile of dirt to your right.

Use the shovel and then place the seal in the lock.

Crowns and Pawns Kingdom of Deceit Walkthrough - Secrets
Secrets… Source: Screen capture

The maze can be seen in Grandpa’s letter. Read the letter and note each item – if in any doubt about where to go, look at the carvings before entering.

The system is this: 

Horsemen, crown, tomb, sing, king.

You’ll know if you got it right as on the far right is a place to put your seal.

After the scene, you’ll be able to opt for the crown or not. Neither impacts the ending, just an achievement.

Also, note that you’ll get a new achievement for each playthrough based on the profession you choose (at the time of writing, only 0.1% have the ‘Me and My Trusty USB’ For now…).

I hope this helped!