Crown Trick Reveals Itself On The Switch And PC

An upcoming RPG from Team17, CROWN TRICK is heading to the Switch and PC soon.

Turn-based Crown Trick is an upcoming RPG adventure exploring the labyrinths of Nightmare Realm.

Fresh off the releasing the excellent Neon Abyss, Team17 have announced that they are working with NExt Studios to bring adventure RPG Crown Trick to the Nintendo Switch and PC in Q3 2020.

A procedurally generated rogue-like where you run through a maze-like dungeon, it’s not the typical dungeon crawler as it’s a turn-based ‘enemy decisions and actions are only revealed when players make their moves’.

Crown Trick - Archer
The Archers. Source: PR

The point of interest in the Nightmare Realm; an underground labyrinth filled with monsters and traps, learning skills along the way to ensure your survival.

Core features in Crown Trick include:

  • Engaging strategic gameplay: Monsters and traps move only when the player moves; carefully thought out strategies are key to escaping the labyrinthine dungeon
  • Fight how you want: Create and develop a unique combat style with dozens of active and passive skills and abilities, items, and relics help create different ways to cut through enemy encounters
  • Learn from enemies: Gather elite ‘Familiar’ skills by overcoming enemies, ready to unleash on others deeper in the dungeon
  • Different dungeons every time: The procedurally generated maze ensures players have unique experiences every time they enter the Nightmare Realm.

Crown Trick is rogue-like royalty, a beautifully realised and unique experience thanks to its mix of gameplay features, and fits perfectly with our portfolio of titles. 

Max Everingham, Head of Publishing at Team17

Based on the wealth of titles released this year already, Crown Trick should be a good fit. You can watch the trailer below:

We can expect to see the game in Q3, so once further details are released, hopefully, it’ll be something that can be covered here.

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