Looking For A Nostalgic Shmup? Crisis Wing Is Out This Week

A nostalgic vertical scrolling - with CRT filters! Crisis Wing brings the bullet hell to consoles this week.

To make a good shmup cocktail, you need pure visceral action, and if going for a retro vibe, it must feature CRT effects. Well, that’s my simple requirements, and Crisis Wing is flaunting them.

Out this week on consoles, this vertical scrolling shooter from Pieslice Productions and Eastasiasoft will take players down the nostalgic route, with seven stages, upgradeable weapons and co-op multiplayer.

Crisis Wing - Boom boom
Boom boom. Source: Eastasiasoft

Key features for Crisis Wing include:

  • Master 7 challenging stages in frantic vertical shooting action.
  • Overcome enormous bosses and mini-bosses!
  • Test your limits in extra game modes.
  • Play solo or with friends in local co-op.
  • Turn on CRT filters for an old-school feel.
  • Enjoy beautiful pixel art presentation set to a rocking FM soundtrack!

Feeling the retro vibes?

Crisis Wing will be out on the PS4/5, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One on the 22nd of September 2022.