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Time Shifting JRPG-Like Adventure Cris Tales Bides Its Time Until July

Time is of the essence in Cris Tales, coming to all modern platforms expect your homebrew this July.

Cris Tales coming in July
Source: PR

Are you a fan of JRPGs but want a bit of a spin on the beloved genre? Well, Modus Games has one just for you. Nobody else, youCris Tales is an indie adventure coming this July.

Cris Tales is a time-bending experience as the past, present and future are all thrown into the melting pot to become one. You play Crisbell who slips between the eras with ease.

But it’s not a holiday as you’ll be battling baddies and have to save this magical world from evil, using her power of time, as well as accumulating a trustworthy batch of allies to help in her endeavours.

This is a title that’s got quite the following since its announcement in at E3 2019, and you can see why with the video below:

Cris Tales is coming this July for a mammoth list of platforms and stores: Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Steam, Epic Games Store, GOG and Stadia. If you’re still running an NES, time to upgrade.

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