Get Your Ass To Mars In Crimson Crisis

Picture this: you're stuck on Mars and there's a wave of aliens about to bombard you. What do you do? SHOOT! Rogue-like Crimson Crisis is coming to Steam in 2024.

The last time we visited Mars was a distress call in Fort Solis, and look where that took us. Now it’s a different configuration as Crimson Crisis is a rogue-like sci-fi shooter where players have to fend off waves of increasingly difficult aliens.

Starting with basic weapons, a more powerful arsenal will unlock (if you can survive), along with procedurally generated attachments that will ascend you to ‘bullet heaven’. Don’t overthink that last bit, as these upgrades offer special effects that affect both the enemies and the players.

Emphasis on players as Crimson Crisis can be played either as a single-player option or as a local co-op, which has a drop-in/drop-out function. In addition to the built-in features, Mr. Phil Games will include mods from launch, allowing new weapons, enemies, plus just about anything else.

Here’s a trailer:

Crimson Crisis will launch in Early Access in 2024. For more details, see the Steam store page below.

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