Craft, Trade And Explore In The Enchanting Cozy Caravan – Coming This Spring

Cosy, or cozy is today's word, and the word on the street is Cozy Caravan - a cute lil' adventure coming to Early Access.

There’s a new C-word in town: Cozy Caravan. Ok, that’s two, but cosy/cozy is fast becoming the trending term most of us want to see in our press junkets, holding hands with both wholesome and free. Everyone likes free.

Alas, 5 Lives Studio aren’t giving out free games, but their travelling merchant adventure is sure to win your heart and make you feel good about spending your hard-earned dough on cute, anthropomorphic characters. And that makes us all happy, right?

Happiness is key in Cozy Caravan. Once you’ve created your character, you’ll be crafting, trading, and exploring an enchanting world with your best friend, Bubba—good ol’ Bubba and making a difference in the lives of the folks you encounter.

With Cozy Caravan we wanted to create the kind of game we wanted to play; something wholesome, relaxing and full of good vibes…We’re all big fans of games like A Short Hike, Animal Crossing, and Stardew Valley, so we wanted to put our own spin on the emerging cozy genre. We had a blast creating these characters, so we’re looking forward to sharing them with you all this Spring!

Dean Ferguson, Creative Lead on Cozy Caravan and Co-Founder of 5 Lives Studios

Cozy Caravan will launch in Early Access this Spring, deets can be found below.