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Couch Monsters coming to PC
Source: Steam


Couch Monsters Like A Strict Diet Of Boxes, Not Potatoes

Upcoming couch co-op – with literal couches, Couch Monster fulfils your couch dreams with couches. Couch.

A light-hearted couch co-op sounds just the thing in Couch Monsters – a physics-based puzzle game for two, coming to Steam and

The aim is to reach the big, red, comfy sofa, eating as many boxes along the way. A dream, right? Finally, we can eat boxes without being judged! But here’s the cool bit: one monster eats a box, the other spits it out. The faster you eat, the faster the projectile!

From Crunchy, Munch & Partners (a contender for the best name), Couch Monsters looks like a lot of fun, with the focus on this being for friends – whether that be siblings, parents or the goldfish – it’s for everyone.

Players are faced with a lot of engaging puzzles and teamwork is absolutely required, but we also added many ways to tease and sabotage each other. This goofing around really lightens up and complements the thinking part. It is almost as much fun as actually solving the puzzles.

Laurin Grossmann, Game Designer

Here’s a trailer for Couch Monsters:

The game is heading to Steam on the 24th March, then slightly later on on the 4th April. It will be priced at €14.99/$14.99/£12.00 respectively.

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