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Copper Canyon Dixie Dash Gets Multilingual Support

With multilingual support, Copper Canyon Dixie Dash warrants a further look for FPS fans on the Switch.

Copper Canyon Dixie Dash
Source: Nintendo

Multilingual support is now available for Copper Canyon Dixie Dash on the Nintendo Switch, for all of you who can speak more than one language (Klingon and Elvish don’t count).

It would be great to show off and write this in multiple languages, and as reasonably accurate as Google Translate has become, I’m not gonna risk a cut and paste.

Not the type of news I’d typically cover, as I don’t think it matters as much to English readers here, but great news if your native language is French, Italian, German or Spanish.

Copper Canyon Dixie Dash - Sniper
Sniper mode. Source: Nintendo

There’s another agenda too: I haven’t written about this game yet. It’s an FPS from Black Dragon Studios and Alternative Software Ltd. where you have to help Dixie Davis kickstart her father’s western robot theme park. I’ve seen the future, and this West World might not be a good thing…

In summary, you have to take out the evil robot sheriff and reclaim the theme park by destroying and dismantling robots in your path, while show offing with a dash mode to speed things up.

Key features in Copper Canyon Dixie Dash include:

  • Special “Dash” mode, that when used, allows even faster movement throughout the theme park, so you can get to those bad bots even quicker.
  • Double Pistols.
  • Instant aim sniper mode
  • Fragmenting robots. One shot is just not enough! You will need to fully dismantle them!

I had an inkling that this might be an ‘on rails’ shooter similar to Mad Bullets, but it looks like you can dash about town however you like:

Copper Canyon Dixie Dash is out now on the Nintendo Switch.

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