Comanche Offers Free Communal Choppers

Take part in free three multiplayer maps in Comanche on Steam with a playable demo, etc.

That headline could go anywhere, but the skinny is, Comanche is available now – for free – on Steam. That is, it’s the multiplayer option, and it’s a playable demo.

Helicopter games aren’t notoriously fast and frantic unless Sega are at the helm or it’s Desert Strike (hello, retro gamers). Still, the odds are in its favour as players can instantly pit it out against fellow players online.

Included in the multiplayer mode (completely free, in case that isn’t clear) are five variants on the chopper, four combat drones and three massive maps to battle it out. Owners of previous instalments will get an exclusive skin. For the helicopter, not your own.

Comanche - Ride with me
Ride with me. Source: Steam

The Early Access portion of the game, from Nukklear and THQ Nordic, also gets an update with the new Operation Fire Sale mission based in the Alps using the Horizon version of the Comanche.

But let’s hop back to the multiplayer options again, shall we?

  • The full Comanche Multiplayer is now completely for free for all players!
  • Including two unique game modes: Infiltration and Blackbox
  • Show your skills and unlock all five Comanches & four Drones and a ton of skins!
  • Enjoy multiplayer indefinitely, without any limitations.
  • Crossplay: Compete with pilots using the Steam Full version

Here’s the attack-copter in action:

Pick up Comanche now on Steam with the playable demo!

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