Colt Canyon Rootin’ And Tootin’ On The Switch

Head into the pixel art Wild West with twin-stick shooter Colt Canyon - out now on the Switch.

Howdy there, Slim – up for a bit of Colt Canyon on the Nintendo Switch, are ya? Well, it’s out now, so what’s your excuse?

Colt Canyon, by Retrific and published by Headup Games who are smashing it at the moment (see Rigid Force Redux), is a twin-stick shooter set in the Wild West – a throwback to 8-bit gaming, but for a modern audience up for some blood and guts – the cowboy/girl way.

It’s a simple rescue mission of saving your partner and ensuring you paint the town with claret. Alas, it’s like old times and a perilous place as the game is a rogue-like.

Colt Canyon - Boom
There will be blood. Source: Headup Games

Armed with a knife, revolver and TNT, there will be blood.

I sound a bit morbid with all this bloody violence, but seeing some of the screenshots, it is a bit of a mess. Fear not though; you can take your compadre with you as the game features local co-op. Sweet!

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You’re like one of them horrible outlaws – take, take take. Do you want more? Here are some features:


  • Skill-Based, not Grind-Based Roguelike
  • Range of characters and weapons to play and unlock 
  • Dynamic and immersive environments and enemies
  • Fantastic Keyboard + Mouse Support
  • Excellent Controller Support
  • AI-Controlled companions
  • Local Coop
  • Upgrades for you and your companions
  • Randomized, persistent and open levels
  • Strategic stealth and fast-paced action
  • Boss Fights
  • Intuitive Gameplay
  • Roguelike elements
  • Permadeath
  • No forced grind
  • Deep Game Mechanics
  • High replayability
  • High difficulty
  • Endless Runs possible
  • Beautiful minimalistic pixel art
  • Easy to learn, hard to master
  • Impactful particle effects
  • Perfectly suited Wild-West soundtrack
  • Fantastic sound effects

Saddle up: it’s time for the Colt Canyon trailer:

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You can grab your copy from for the Nintendo Switch now, with the PS4 following later in the year.