Further (Sex) Education In College Kings 2 The Pool Party DLC

It's back, and wetter than ever: College Kings 2 The Pool Party DLC - out now on Steam.

Forget the weather outside (fellow Brits); it’s time to don the budgie smugglers and floss thongs, manscape, and pretend to be extremely helpful as long as it allows you to dip your wick: it’s College Kings 2 The Pool Party DLC.

Episode 2 of our little college adventure, from Undergrad Steve, we join… [you] once more as they attempt to woo the hearts of the sorority girls, charm some milfs, and perhaps get somewhere in a hard-boiled detective romp with a friend (with benefits), Amber. Yes, there’s quite a bit going on here.

Perhaps it’s because I was a little hasty playing College Kings 2 The Pool Party DLC in fear of being caught by my wife, playing some smut on the computer in our darkened room, but this did feel a little shorter than the previous episode. That’s not necessarily a bad thing as the story’s on par with the last, plus there isn’t just one path to take.

College Kings 2 The Pool Party DLC - Morbin
It’s morbin’ time. Source: Screen capture

There are a few new characters in the game, and subsequently, a fair amount of some nice rendered scenes and animations – which I’m sure you have an idea what’s going on in said animations – and as a result of these new additions, a few more achievements to be had. And no, this isn’t just the Steam achievements, but nailing Elijah’s mum/mom. That’ll make an excellent pool boy anecdote at the next church fete, no?

College Kings 2 The Pool Party DLC continues with that same model where you can customise the narrative; follow some tutorials if you’ve forgotten how to play a visual novel, or perhaps go through a recap on the story thus far. You can begin from scratch or load your saved games, as I did, and have multiple narrative arcs where you can chase after certain individuals and hunt down some quality achievements. Don’t worry, Aubrey, you’re still the girl for me.

Once the story kicks in, you have to entertain the guests at the pool party, ensuring they make donations for your pal Nora, that they’re having fun, and do everything within the time limit. Said time limit isn’t a traditional countdown, but you have to weigh up whether you should help Nora, your friends, get completely wasted, or chase after the milf who’s granted you access to her pool. Not a euphemism. At the time of writing, I haven’t 100% this.

College Kings 2 The Pool Party DLC - Show me love
Show me love! Source: Screen capture

Once again, you can jump into some action scenes if you’ve missed them, want to relive the experience, or perhaps you’re home alone and don’t have a valid VPN. Watch ANY YouTube video, and you’re bound to find an offer. Yes, you two could get acquainted with Palmela Handerson and endure some RSI if you’re that way inclined.

As for me, a seeker of the truth, a.k.a. a fan of narrative-driven titles and more of an ass man than a boob connoisseur, I found College Kings 2 The Pool Party DLC entertaining, within the context of the type of game this is. Visual novels aren’t typically my bag, but I was more than happy to revisit some familiar faces and places (huh huh), and get a little moist at the pool party. Yeah, I went there. Out now on Steam, you know the rest.