Collapsed 30% Discount On Nintendo Switch

Pick up rogue-like Collapsed on the Nintendo Switch, currently with a 30% discount until the 17th of Feb 2021.

From Glaive Games and OverGamez, Collapsed is a rogue-like platformer available on the Nintendo Switch, and for a limited period, it boasts a 30% discount for the next couple of weeks.

You can select from four different hunters in the game, each with their unique set of abilities, and must a clear a series of procedurally generated levels. No one level is the same as the last.

Features in Collapsed include:

  • Play as one of four hero classes, each with their own set of abilities, skills, and combat style.
  • A vast skill tree offers you even more ways to customize your character.
  • The skill tree is shared between all classes.
  • Create and combine over 100 different pieces of equipment, that help your character complete their mission more efficiently.
  • The inventory storage is shared between all classes.
  • If you character dies, the loot and skills you’ve accumulated aren’t lost, but you must start over.
  • Levels are randomly generated, so don’t worry — it won’t feel like Groundhog Day.
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A trailer can be found here:

The Collapsed discount will last until the 17th of February, so don’t delay too long. If you want to find out more about the game, there’s a Collapsed review here.