Codename Terranova on Steam Early Access
Source: Steam

Here’s an exciting puzzle game to start your week: Codename Terranova is out now on Steam Early Access.

But what is this Terranova thing you talk about? It’s a two-player co-op game aboard a hovering train (so the future then?) where you have to work together to face ongoing tests.

Codename Terranova - RGB
RGB lighting. Source: Steam

I’m picking up a hint of Duncan Jones’ Timecode – an excellent reference, methinks.

The first player is the Agent, and their role is to manipulate the puzzles while on board, with the second player is the Operator and guides the Agent on how to solve a problem, plus notify them of any dangers.

This title from AC Games features a companion app called the Terranova Operating Central System where players can communicate with one another. It’s totally free, so no need to tighten your belt yet.

Check out the trailer for Codename Terranova below:

As mentioned, Codename Terranova is in Early Access now with plenty of upcoming updates which will be free to those who purchase the game.

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