Clunky Hero Looks Smoother Than Butter

Out now in Early Access for Steam and GOG, Clunky Hero is a story-driven adventure where you, Rufus, have to rescue your wife from the clutches of evil!

The developers of Clunky Hero have pre-empted any unfair critiques of their character in the newly released Metroidvania platformer, launched as an Early Access for Steam and GOG.

Chaosmonger Studio hasn’t taken it all too seriously as the hero of the game sports a bucket for a helmet. Said hero, Rufus, is on a mission to rescue his wife (no maidens or princesses, but the Big Boss). With over 40 levels set in seven different areas, this is a story-driven adventure with RPG elements.

You might be familiar with the developers as they recently released their excellent point and click on consoles, Encodya. Like its counterpart, Clunky Hero is beautifully presented, with a focus on cuteness and humour, so it’s likely to appeal to a broad audience.

Forget the words for a bit; here’s some animation:

Clunky Hero is available now in Early Access on Steam and GOG.