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Cloud Gardens Create Stunning Dioramas At The End Of The World

Cloud Gardens

Launched today in Early Access on Steam, Cloud Gardens is an indie title by Noio and a zen-like game set at the end of the world. Soon then?

After playing Spiritfarer, I have a heightened interest in a spot of gardening, but like most ideas, whether I venture out into the garden to grow tomatoes remains to be seen. 

Let’s start today, but in a virtual world: Cloud Gardens.

Cloud Gardens - Greenhouse
Greenhouse effect. Source: PR

Set in the overgrown ruins at the end of the world, you must ‘harness the power of nature to overgrow lo-fi scenes of urban decay and manufactured landscapes’. 

This is achieved through planting the right seeds on the right places to create your own botanical diorama using discarded objects and reclaiming them to build something beautiful.

There are no objectives in the game, simply a sandbox of creativity set over six chapters and creating your own scene in each one.

We hope that the game succeeds in gently guiding players towards enjoying their own creativity. We’re also excited for getting a lot of feedback and improving the game based on that, perhaps exploring some freshly gained inspiration.
Thomas van den Berg, Creator of Cloud Gardens

Watch the trailer below:

Cloud Gardens is out now on Early Access Steam and looks fascinating.

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