Clid The Snail Is A PlayStation Exclusive Twin Stick Shootin’ Snail

A PS4/PS5 exclusive with an integral minimalist soundtrack, Clid The Snail is a twin-stick shooter with a dark story.

Clid The Snail is a game I will pull from my sleeve to get my wife to vacate the room on command (she hates snails), but it’d be a double whammy, as this looks like quite the innovation.

A PS4/PS5 exclusive, this game from Sony Interactive Entertainment España and Weird Beluga is a ‘dark fable about the feeling of not fitting in, of being an outcast’. 

Clid The Snail - Snow joke
Snow joke. Source: PR

A mixture of a twin-stick shooter and action-adventure story, you play the titular character in Clid The Snail, accompanied by firefly sidekick Belu, who’s a bit of a talker.

Though a minimalist soundtrack, represented by ‘Cassette Mode’, it plays an integral part in the game:

I wanted the music to sound sad and melancholic, but not depressing. It is the song that a snail would play in the middle of a town, in the middle of a thunderstorm. The rain is pouring and everybody is safe at home, looking through the window, unaware that a menace that is looming upon them.

Alejandro García, the composer of Clid The Snail’s soundtrack

It’s a game you didn’t know you needed in your like. What else can you expect in the game?

  • Help Clid find his place in a hostile world while solving puzzles and wiping every enemy on the screen in this top-down shooter.
  • Unlock different weapons and combine them to create havoc along the way.
  • Enjoy Clid and Belu’s love and hate relationship through their funny, witty dialogues.
  • Unlock mysteries in this fable about being an outcast and find out who Clid really is.

The following trailer isn’t much of a reveal, but following the patterns of news pieces, here’s a link anyway:

More details will follow as and when released, but it’s coming at a…slow…pace.